HBO | Theatrical Image

Your wonder bread years of young loves, hopes, and fantasies were documented in the words and images scrawled across notebooks and diaries, wrapped tight around a dream come true.

You can count the ways in this theatrical image spot for HBO.

Music by Feist.


TCM | When I Went to the Film

The poetry of loneliness and desire caressed by the shadows and light of movies.

Part of the Artists and Poets series, this image piece guides us thru the D. H. Lawrence poem and is narrated by Jeremy Irons. (He read the voice over in one take.)

That's life in the TCM city...

Turner Classic Movies | Being But Men

Innocence, wonder, the poetry of childhood were captured beautifully in this Holiday ID for TCM, as only Dylan Thomas can describe. The music is Hymn by Craig Armstrong.

Walk with us.

HBO | Paint It Black

All the HBO Original Series' dance in the dark to a Rolling Stone's classic turned sideways.

Music by Sixth Finger.

This Month on TCM | December

On a wing and a prayer, TCM helps you find your way home for the holidays with this December image campaign featuring Bing Crosby, holiday movies and films that inspired remakes.

Juliana Hatfield's Make it Home leads us and we followed.

TCM | 31 Days of Oscar

Oscar gets the girl, turns to crime, fights, gambles and goes on trial. We should hang out more often!

This lightning charged zoetrope unleashes a raging history of Academy Award nominated and winning films across an entire month for Turner Classic Movies.

Turner Classic Movies | Follow the Signs

Stop and read the signs and you'll always know where you're going with this Turner Classic Movies image campaign. Take a drive with us.

Music by Jimi Hendrix (just in case you live in a subway).

Discovery Channel | Let's All Discover

Check out Discovery's lineup in this clever, high energy image spot for a month long show premieres.

We decided to strategically place the network's globe icon into the show footage using 3D tracking.