Discovery Channel | MythBusters

Animated entirely with still images, this launch promo for the second season of MythBusters is an animation extravaganza.

It's no myth that Thomas Dolby re-recorded his pop classic 'She Blinded Me With Science' specifically for this campaign.

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Designers: Eric De Fino & Drew Tyndell

TLC | Miami Ink | Season 2 Launch

An immersive visual experience and presents the cast of characters in an environment of tattoo art, ink and attitude.

Winner of several Promax/BDA and Telly awards for art direction, animation, and design.

Director/Designer/Animator: Eric De Fino

HBO | Assume The Position

This launch promo highlights the irreverent view point of Robert Wuhl, as he takes a look at history as pop culture.

This slick spot takes you through a parade of historic images presented with an awesome design.

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Desigers: Eric De Fino & Eduardo Recife
Producer: Tim Reilly


Discovery Channel | Shark Week Tease

Just. Keep. Swimming... was the theme of this 3D animated tease for Discovery Channel's Shark Week campaign.

The lack of music and voice over makes it even more delicious.

All that rendering paid off with multiple Promax/BDA awards.

Director/Compositor: Eric De Fino
Producer: JR Soldano
3D Animators: Chris Higgins & JR Soldano

Planet Green | Vignettes

A series of 10 environmental tips on the little things we can all do to help keep the earth fresh and clean.

And launch a new network: Planet Green.
Hey, that rhymes!

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Writers: Alberto Enriquez & DNA Winter
Storyboard Designer: Jen Lansing

Discovery Channel | Thanksgiving Marathon

We couldn't help but serve you all the puns and cliches we could think of for this Thanksgiving Marathon promo, filled with a hot steaming pile of family traditions. No need to thank us.

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Designers: Eric De Fino & Drew Tyndell
Writer/Editor: David Winter


Discovery Channel | Into the Unknown

Josh Bernstein goes to places where you didn’t know there were places. He hunts through lost worlds you can only imagine and unearths secrets, treasures and myths.

The quest is on with this show launch for the Discovery Channel.

Director/Designer/Animator: Eric De Fino
Writer/Producer/Editor: David Winter

Boomerang | Boomerang Zoo

If you're here, who's watching the animals? We went bananas on this fully animated menagerie of madness and mayhem promo for Boomerang, from Cartoon Network.

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Designers: Eric De Fino & Candice House

HBO | Assume The Position 201

Which US President lost the white house china in a poker game? Find out with this revamped promo for the second season of HBO's Assume the Position.

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Designers: Eric De Fino & Eduardo Recife
Writer/Producer: Tim Reilly

Turner South | Big Stories Open

Flowers, film reels and flying typewriters were used to create this homage to the art of storytelling.

No drugs were used in the creation of this open.

Director/Animator: Eric De Fino
Designers: Eric De Fino & Drew Tyndell


TCM | The Essentials | Season 2

Trim the fat down to the bone. Keep only The Essentials.

Director of Photography/Editor: Eric De Fino
Designer: Jin Lim


TLC | Turbo Launch

This campaign announces the new lineup of TLC’s popular gear-head shows, including American Chopper, American Hotrod, and Overhaulin’, all packaged under the Turbo brand.

Start your engines!

Director: Eric De Fino
3D Animator: Bill Ullo
Editor: David Winter

Heavy Mojo | Commercial

A regional commercial we did for our friends, Heavy Mojo.

There were several rumors going around that the band had split up, so we decided to poke fun at some of the more outlandish stories.

Director/Writer/Designer/Animator: Eric De Fino